Convictions - Introduction

– a sad book.

Recently I was introduced to Marcus J Borg’s Convictions – a manifesto for progressive Christians and was saddened more with each chapter I read. The further he went on his journey into Progressive Christianity the more he lost of the wonders a Christian is entitled to. God wastes no opportunities. The sadness I felt for those who move into Progressive Christianity grew as I followed and sought to understand this book but this meant that I had to reconsider what I know of being a Christian. The result of this led to a valuable revision of what I have learned and experienced, to clarification of my understanding of what God has done and a deeper appreciation of the reality of the relationship Jesus Christ has brought me into. While saddened by what others have lost and are missing I am strengthened, encouraged and thrilled again by the mercy and the grace shown me by the one true God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. The entries in this blog do not sequentially follow the chapters of the book but rather respond to ideas in it.
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