1. the act of imposing 
  2. something that is imposed unfairly on someone

“You shouldn’t ram your views down my throat” is another way of complaining that we disagree but you are winning and I want my way instead. Your ideas are being imposed on me.
But what if we can’t both have our way at the same time?

Most of us agree that cyclists should wear helmets while riding and a law has been passed to impose this on every cyclist.  Pro-helmet wearers are thus imposing their views on Anti-helmet wearers; their views are being “rammed down the throats” of others. Someone who does not want to wear a helmet while cycling may argue their case and may be successful in having the law changed and could even have helmet wearing banned.  In that case it is their views that are imposed on us all and “rammed down our throats”.

The emotive complaint is unreasonable, illogical, in a democratic society. Indeed, democratically instituted laws are fair and therefore not an imposition at all.

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