John 06

John 6:1-15

Jesus Feeds the five thousand.

Jesus had been where? John 5:1

Where did he go? John 6:1

(Lake Galilee, Tiberias, Gennesaret. Bethsaida see Luke 9:10)

Who went with him? Why did they go with him? John 6:2

How did Jesus feel about yet another crowd? Matthew 14:14. Luke 9:11

What reasons could he have for going up a mountainside (John 6:3)?

What did he do when he got there?

This is the second Passover in John’s gospel - maybe over a year into his ministry.  But John didn’t write a diary.

What kind of people make up a great crowd (John 6:5)?

What problem did Jesus foresee (John 6:5)?

How would you have responded if he had turned to you, not Philip?

Why did he ask Philip the question - because Bethsaida was his home town? (John 1:44) But see John 6:6.

Was Philip’s response reasonable? (John 6:7)

Was Andrew’s response reasonable? (John 6:8-9) Did he think it was reasonable? 

How much food did the boy supply? (John 6:9) Did he do so voluntarily? Could Jesus have supplied the meal without help from the boy? Or is there a lesson in this way of doing things?

Compare John’s account to Mathew’s: Matthew 14:15-21

What was the disciple’s response in Matthew 14:15

How did Jesus pass the problem back to the disciples? Does he still do this? 

Who distributed the blessing? Does he still work this way? See John 6:11 in KJV

When they followed Jesus’ instruction (John 6:10) was this an act of faith?  How would it have seemed to the crowd?

How big was the crowd? (John 6:10)

How important is it to Say Grace? (See 1 Timothy 4:4-5)

Was it even more important on this occasion?

Why mention the grass (John 6:10)?

How satisfying was the meal? (John 6:12) Did the boy go hungry?

Why did Jesus want the disciples to gather up the fragments left over (John 6:12)? What were they fragments of?

Is there significance in the number of 12 baskets of left-overs (John6:13)?

How did the people react to this miracle? (John 6:14) 

Who was “the prophet” who is to come? (See John 1:45. Deuteronomy 18:18-22. Luke 24:27. John 18:36) How was Jesus like this prophet like Moses?

Why would they intend to take him by force? To do what? Who did he think might do this? See Isaiah 9:6-7, 11:1-2. Jeremiah 23:5)

What did Jesus do? (To the same mountain from which he preached?)

Do you believe this passage recounts a miracle or is there an explanation how this was done?

John 6:16-24

Jesus walks on water.

Jesus went one way (John 6:15) the disciples went another (John 6:16). 

On the lake in a storm - would this have been a new experience?

What made it worse: it was dark, it was windy, the waves were rough, Jesus was not with them?

Compare the account in John to that in Mark 6:47-51.

How did Jesus see them rowing - it was dark? (Mark 6:48)

What time did he get there? (Mark 6:48) (fourth watch: 3-6am)

How did they react when they saw Jesus coming? (Mark 6:49-50)

What was Jesus’ reassurance? (Mark 6:50. John 6:20) “It is I”  or “I am” 

What did the disciples want? (John 6:21)

Was Jesus the only person to walk on water? (Matthew 14:28-29)]

There were 12 disciples there. Why only Peter walking on water?

What had they all seen the day before? How many baskets of left-over miracles were there? One each? Why so fearful?

Would you have asked to join Peter (Matthew 14:28) Would you have joined Peter? What if Jesus made you a similar offer? Has he ever? Have you missed opportunities?

What distracted Peter? (Matthew 14:30) Where should his attention have been?

Was Jesus question a rebuke? What does it mean for us? Matthew 14:31)

What is the parallel for us before, during and after storms in our lives? Pray for them to cease? Row harder? Try walking on water? Reach for Jesus’ help?

Has Jesus ever reached out to you and caught you? (Matthew 14:31)

Once Jesus was in the boat, how long after did the storm stop? (Matthew 14:32)

How much longer did it take to get to shore? (John 6:21)

Where did they land? (Matthew 14:34)

See John 6:22

Who makes up the crowd? (Had they spent the night in the storm. Too?)

Why were they still there?

Where did they think the disciples had gone?

Does Matthew 14:35 explain how people heard about Jesus miracles and even travelled from Tiberias? (John 6:23)

Where did they think Jesus had gone? (John 6:24) Did they know how he got there? (John 6:22, 25)

What did the crowd do next? Why? (John 6:15,24)

John 6:25-59

Jesus the bread of life.

Does John 6:26 suggest the crowd didn’t notice the miracle, just the food? 

What else did they miss?

Is it part of our Christian ministry to feed people?  See also Philippians 2:21, 3:19. James 4:3-4. 

Why do you follow Jesus?  (John 6:27)  See also Colossians 3:2. Isaiah 55:2. John 6:51,54,58. John 4:10.

Are Matthew 26:26 and 1 Corinthians 11:24 part of this message?

What is “food that endures to eternal life? (See John 6:27)

What seal did God place on Jesus? (See John1:29-32, Ephesians 1:13. Acts 2:24)

What does God require of us? See John 6:28-28.  See 1 John 3:23. Matthew 28:18-20. John 17:18-21. Acts 1:8. Micah 6:8. James 1:27.

Is the question in John 6:30 reasonable?  How does he answer it in John 6:31? Is he referring to the miracle of feeding 5000?

John 6:31-32 refers to bread literally from heaven. Who gave it to them? In what form (see Exodus 16:4)

What is the “bread that comes down from heaven” to us? (John 6:33-35. 1 Peter 1:8-9)) 

Why does it seem we don’t get enough of this bread of life? (John 6:36)

How do we satisfy our need for this bread? (John 6:37-40. But see Acts 5:41, Romans 8:18)

What does this promise?  (John 6:40)

What’s the comfort in John 6:37, 39?

Why were the Jews dismissive of Jesus? (John 6:42. Yet to see Romans 1:3-4. Acts 2:22,24)

How does John 6:44-45 explain why the Jews were grumbling and not believing?  How does this verse relate to you? See John 16:7-11, Ephesians 1:4-5.

Who has seen the Father? John 6:46. Who has heard the Father? John 6:45

How do John 6:47 and John 6:48 have the same message?

How does John 6:47 contrast with John 6:49-51? See Jude 1:5, 1 Corinthians 10:3-5.

Do you have any sympathy for the Jews in John 6:52?

Does his teaching in John 6:53-58 help them? Does it help you? Does Galatians 2:20 help?

Where did this teaching take place? (John 6:59)

John 6:60-71

Many disciples desert Jesus.

The Jews had grumbled about his teaching.  Who else? See John 6:60. Matthew 11:6. John 2:24-25

Does this grumbling/offence happen amongst Christians today?

What was he forecasting in John 6:62? See Acts 1:9-11. Did that change things?

What’s the warning in John 6:63? See Hebrews 4:12. Galatians 5:25.

Is there a warning in John 6:64-65, 70-71? See 2 Timothy 2:19, Romans 8:29.

Has there been repeats of John 6:66 since then? See Luke 9:62. 1 John 2:19. Luke 14:25-33.68-

Answer the question in John 6:67 for yourself.

Do you answer John 6:69?

Why did Peter reply we have come to believe AND know you are the Holy One of God?

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