Romans 06

Romans 6



Romans 5:13 – 1 man, Adam →sin, even before The Law was given => death

Romans 5:17 – 1 man, Jesus  → full of grace and the gift of righteousness

Romans 5:18 – Jesus one act => justification

Romans 5: 20,21 – Law taught us/showed us what sin is.  Sin needs grace to gain effects of V 17


Chapter 6


V1 –          what’s the wrong conclusion?

V2 –          what’s the response? We died to sin

V5-7 –       United in what?.  In death, in resurrection.

                  In what way are we dead?

                  2 Corinthians 5:17 => old gone, a new creation

                  1 Peter 2:16 => live as free; don’t use freedom as cover-up for evil

                  Colossians 3:3-4 => dead, life hidden with Christ in God; to be seen when Christ returns


                  Mathew 6:24 => cannot serve two masters

                  1 Peter 2:9 => a chosen people, royal priesthood, holy nation, God’s special possession


                  Compare V7 with V 2

                  Compare V7 with 1 Corinthians 10:13 => temptation common to all; way of escape

                        BUT 1 Corinthians 10:12 => be careful!

                        compare Ephesians 6:11 => Put on armour of God and STAND




Romans 6:3-7

Tom: Jewish understanding of ceremonial washing. Immersing in dye and absorbing the colour.

Luther:     Baptism is an act of faith in response to the gospel, the gospel applied, the word which is the essential means of grace.

Calvin:      Word (gospel) brings grace → salvation.  Baptism (& communion) are symbols of the work of the Holy Spirit and practiced in response to divine (ie by Jesus) institution.

Roman Catholic:       A sacrament (one of 7) applied by ordained priest bestows grace


Q: are the sacraments a “Means of Grace”?


Inescapable: baptism is significant

– die to the old nature (it is rendered powerless); cf crucifixion

– buried with Christ

– raised to new life

– eventually with a new body.


Matthew 28:19 – go make disciples and baptise

                  – salvation→ obedience → witness

Matthew 16:24 – take up your cross

John 8:34-36 – you were a slave to sin

Matthew 3:11 – Jesus will baptise with the Holy Spirit




Romans 6:8-14


We do as Christ did:

            died – live – raised from dead to eternal life – death (& old life) has no mastery – no more sin! – live to God


Romans 6:11-14

V11: What does ‘COUNT’ mean here?

V12: we do not ---

V13: we do not ---

            then we do ---

V14: then ---


Romans 6:15-18

V15: the error and correction as in V1

V16: No spiritual split personality

            don’t sell yourselves off (be consistent))

V17: Where does commitment come from .  (heart and will)

V18: Set free, have become.  In what way free?


Romans 6:19-23

V19: how not to live

            how to live

V20: Options

V21: Is there any benefit in the old life?

            Is there any cost in the old life?

V22: What are the benefits of the new life?

            – free from sin

            – slaves of God

            – holiness

            – eternal life


The Gospel

Romans 6:23

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