Romans 02

Romans chapter 2


Where we got to

Read Romans 1:28-32

  • Does this description match our world/country/village/Bible study group/you?
  • What do you want people described here need to know? (Rom 12:1-2)
  • How does this passage make you feel about other people?


What about me?

Read Romans 2:1-4

  • Do you want to reconsider your answer to the previous question in the light of v1?
  • Have you ever failed to match up to v1?

◦      1 Cor 5:12. 1 Cor 6:2. Heb 4:12, 9:27. Luke 6:37. Jn 8:7-9

  • Does being a Christian make you a better person?
  • Have you escaped God’s judgement (v3)?
  • How do you show contempt for God’s kindness (v4)?
  • How did you come to realise the riches of God’s kindness, forbearance and patience? What do these things apply or affect you now (v4)?
  • What is the tense of the verb “repent”?

◦      Job 42:6. Mt 3:2. Mk 1:14-15. Acts 2:37-38. 1 Jn 1:9. Rev 2:5. Acts 17:29-31


Your bank account

Read Romans 2:5-16

  • How does v5 give examples of the contempt mentioned in v4?
  • Will God forget stubbornness and un-repentance (see v5)?
  • Do vv 6-7 give us a way out? Can we get to heaven by being good? What do we get?

◦      Mt 16:27.  Rom 14:10-12. Rom 3:20, 28. Eph 2:1-10. Mt 6:19-21. Rev 2:10. Rev 4:10.

  • Why “first” for the Jew (v9)? Has/does it worked/work that way now and at judgement?
  • But is there is benefit for the Jew (v10)?
  • Does having the gospel also give the Christian greater responsibility (1 Pet 4:7)?
  • Does anyone ask for favours (v11)?
  • Is ignorance of the law an excuse before God (v12)?

◦      Rom 1:20-21.  Rom 2:14-15. 

◦      Does Rom 1:28 give anyone an excuse?

◦      Can we say, “I didn’t know any better” (v14-15)?

  • When will v16 take place? (Heb 9:27.  Phil 2:9-11. 1 Cor 4:5)


You heard me!

Read Romans 2:17-28

  • If you call yourself a Jew then you...what (v17-24)?
  • Then what is the extra responsibility (v17-24 and in particular v21)?
  • What is the damage resulting from hypocrisy (v24)?
  • What is the cost for hypocrites (v25-27)?
  • What is the real test for Jewishness (v28-29)? What is the reward for this?
  • What is the implied warning for Christians in this passage?

◦      Mt 6:2,5,16. Mt 7:5.

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