Acts 08

Acts 8

Acts 7 - ends with Stephen being stoned, Saul minding the coats

Acts 8:1 - Saul approved of this killing.  See details in Ch 7

Acts 8:1b-3

There had been some persecution and attack

eg Pete and John jailed and told not to preach but released

Now, Stephen’s death.

  • What happens?
  • What’s the effect on the church? On Saul?

Acts 8:4-8

  • did the persecution/scattering stop the spread of the word?
    • Whose plans are working here?
  • Where is Samaria? How did Jews and Samaritans relate?
  • Why did people pay close attention to Philip?
  • What was the impact on the city/region?

Acts 8:9-25

Simon: a Jewish/Samaritan name

Sorcery, “practicing magic” A magician

  • How had he affected the people?
  • What did they think of him?
  • What did they call him?
  • How long had he been there?
  • Did he claim supernatural powers?

See Acts 13:6

  • What was this sorcerer called?

See Acts 19:13-16

  • What’s the risk for sorcerers?
  • did Simon become a believer? (13)
  • Did he really understand? (18)
  • Did he show “Christian virtues”, fruit of the Spirit?
  • What was Peter’s response to Simon’s request? (20-23)
  • Is there a warning to “faith healers” here?
  • How should they respond? (24)

Acts 8:14-17

  • Should it have surprised the apostles that Samaritans were converted? (Acts 1:8)
  • What kind of baptism had these new believers been given?
  • How did Peter and John add to this?
  • Can baptised believers ask to receive the Holy Spirit?
  • Who from?
  • Was Philip a gifted, Spirit-filled Christian? (Acts 6:5)
  • Had he not told them about the Holy Spirit?
    • See Acts 19:1-6

Acts 8:26-40

  • Why did Philip move on? (26)
  • Who did he encounter? (27)
  • What was the eunuch reading? (28)
  • Who was in charge here? (29)
  • Is the response to Philip’s question surprising? (30, 31)
  • Who is the quote from Isaiah about? (32-33. Is 53:7,8)
  • Could you explain the good news about Jesus only from the Old Testament? Or this passage?
  • How did the explanation affect the eunuch? (36-38)
  • What happened to Philip next? (39,40)
  • What happened to the eunuch?

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